10 November 2022

Triple shortlisting for PlaceChangers at the 2022 PropTech Awards


North East based PropTech startup PlaceChangers is shortlisted in three categories for this year's UK PropTech Awards. PlaceChangers is nominated for the Collaboration of the Year Award, Best Use of Data (PropTech) while Sebastian Weise, founder at PlaceChangers, has been shortlisted for the PropTech Advocate category. 

The UK PropTech Awards have been running since 2019 and are fast becoming a prestigious award for the UK community of companies and professionals accelerating the digitisation of construction, property, and town planning. 

Sebastian Weise, Founder, noted:

Our nominations at the 2022 PropTech Awards are a great recognition for PlaceChangers’ efforts to push planning and construction into the digital age. 
In 2022, PlaceChangers made strong progress towards an end-to-end digital toolkit that supports planning success while enhancing the social impact of plans and construction projects. Our partners, including Northumbria University, and the whole team, especially Alex Moon, our CTO, have been instrumental to our success in these awards. 

Alex Moon, Co-founder at PlaceChangers, noted: 

“Housebuilders and local planning authorities alike continue to be buffeted by ongoing crises in the country. Since the pandemic, which threw a light on the need for walkable neighbourhoods, and now, with planning backlogs growing, there is a clear impetus to change. 
With brilliant open source work on BIM and GIS across Europe, as well as the UK's expanding commitment to geospatial open data, the digital transformation of town planning is vital to the future of housing in this country. I’m proud of the contribution PlaceChangers has made to bringing the sector into the 21st century.”

The PlaceChangers team have been working on PlaceChangers in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Since then the team has made significant progress towards becoming the UK-leading company for interactive consultations and sophisticated place analytics, ensuring that quality of place is influencing briefs and design documentation. 

The Best use of Data Award is awarded to a company that has developed a solution which helps clients actively use data to improve decision-making & effective transformation within the business. PlaceChangers has put forward the work on generating place analytics for health and wellbeing, as part of a wider effort to enhance and support the production of Health Impact Assessments. 

The Collaboration of the Year Award is awarded to a company which collaborates between industry peers to solve industry problems and meet their client’s needs. Demonstrating impact through a collaborative approach. PlaceChangers has put forward their work on BIM-GIS integration which enables 3D consultations. Results are the outcome of a three-year collaboration with Northumbria University. The initiative has been moving client organisations towards the adoption of digital building models in their housing developments. 

The PropTech Advocate award is awarded in recognition for a professional who has acted as a champion for PropTech either within a property company to drive the adoption of technology, or in the industry to support the growth of PropTech as a whole. Seb Weise is continuing to champion the adoption of digital planning, BIM, and data-driven place analytics to improve planning proposals. 

All award categories and nominations for 2022 can be viewed here: https://ukproptech.com/uk-proptech-awards-2022/ 

The award ceremony will be held in London on 24th November. 

Organisations mentioned

PlaceChangers is a startup focused on digital solutions for collaboration and engagement in development and regeneration projects. The PlaceChangers platform helps architects, urban planners, and developers to understand the context of new development proposals through collaboration, public engagement, and intelligent handling of location data. 

The UK PropTech Association (UKPA) is a not-for-profit membership organisation set up to drive the digital transformation of the property industry by promoting engagement between PropTech and Property businesses, and creating an environment conducive for PropTech innovation.