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Oct 2021


New feature: Leave a reply to responses you receive

Using the consultation dashboard, you can now leave a reply to any responses you receive on your proposals. Add a brief reply to questions or comments that might need clarification. You can reply in private or public (for all other respondents to see).


Sep 2021


New feature: Automatic topic and sentiment analysis

Consultation reporting just got a whole lot more powerful. Tap into automatic suggestions for topics and sentiment for each response you receive. Accept and reject topic suggestions as you please. Add your own topic keywords to speed up analysis and grouping into issues. 


New feature: Useful responses

Consultation reporting just got a whole lot more powerful. The app now provides you with suggested useful responses automatically. You can also point out comments you found particularly useful to improve suggestions over time. 


August 2021


New and improved: Participant likes 

If your campaign presents responses publicly, the app now lets participants 'like' other responses. This helps to avoid duplication and gives you a view on popular ideas. 


New and improved: Drag-and-drop guided tour configurator

You can now configure guided tours with a simple drag-and-drop editor. Simply choose the locations and proposals you like to make part of your guided tour, move them in the order you like, and you are good to go. 


New and improved: Interactive legends for all proposal maps

Map consultations now automatically include an interactive legend based on the proposals and themes included in your campaign.


New feature: Add keyword labels on responses for easier analysis

The consultation reporting dashboard just got a whole lot more powerful. You can now add topic keywords on each response you receive to speed up the analysis. It's particularly powerful if you work in a team. 


Default map settings: Satellite image now default

Based on popular request, satellite maps are now the default base map layer for all map engagement campaigns. 


July 2021


New feature: Coverage maps 

In PlaceChangers Site Insights, you can now generate coverage maps for a feature category at the click of a button. For instance, select public transport locations and define a walking distance. The app will draw a coverage map in an instant. Stop the guess work if your site is adequately covered with access to public transport. 


New feature: Satellite base maps switcher 

Based on poplar request, you can now toggle any map view to show either a satellite base map or a standard map.