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Nicky Watson

Director, JDDK Architects

Being able to offer quite specific information that people can locate on a big site helped us to create more targeted conversations that moved the design forward."

Sharon Mackey

Lead Designer, North Tyneside Council

We can sometimes spend hours/days preparing for consultation events which might only give us 2 or 3 useful responses. The PlaceChangers platform has saved a lot of time and we are able to have much more targeted conversations, which is better for everyone involved.

Interactive proposal maps

Everything you need to create powerful online engagement for your planning project

Combine proposal maps, polls, and surveys and invite more meaningful responses.

Show proposals on an interactive map to support a dialogue that stays on topic.

Tell the story of your project with guided tours of key locations or proposals. 

Create participant polls to demonstrate how responses differ by age, gender and other demographic factors.

Embed photos, videos, or 360 degree images within your consultation. 

Landing pages

Powerful project landing pages

Provide project updates consistently and clearly and show that you listen.  

Plan out project engagement stages and publish interactive project timelines. 

Present your project team and share project updates. 

Provide project sign-up forms and share participants updates as you complete project stages. 

Response analysis

Save time on reporting and analysis

Built-in analytics summarise responses and identify key themes automatically and compile visual summaries in no time. As admin you can download responses and share with your team.

Visual reporting dashboard give you a high-level overview of your responses.

Advanced filter options enable you drill down by session or proposal.  

Share PDF reports or export responses to CSV for further analysis. 

Fast response summaries by project areas and themes

Easily analyse your responses by attaching keywords

Automatic sentiment analysis gives you feedback on sentiment for a project or idea


Build trust with residents and the local community through personalised communication

Use flexible promotion add-ons to reach just the right audience for your project. Invite by post and social media and build your email contacts for follow-up. 

GDPR-compliant follow-ups and email notifications

Reach out with personalised post to residents around

Customisable embed options to add campaigns to your website

Generate broad publicity on social media

Build a project email list for easy follow-up

User voices

A easy-to-use online consultation tool shaped by user feedback

PlaceChangers is shaped by feedback from clients and members of the public.

This is one of the best interfaces I have seen. Very forward thinking and great for usability.

Member of the public

I've really appreciated the time and care taken to provide the level of granular feedback possible. [The client] is to be commended for sourcing this and the developers for the usability.

Member of the public

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