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Gather non-generic feedback with versatile interactive planning consultations

Maximise online engagement, improve outcomes, report in real-time.


Nicky Watson

Director, JDDK Architects

"Being able to offer quite specific information that people can locate on a big site helped us to create more targeted conversations that moved the design forward."

Sharon Mackey

Lead Designer - Housing, North Tyneside Council

"We can sometimes spend hours/days preparing for consultation events which might only give us 2 or 3 useful responses. The PlaceChangers platform has saved a lot of time and we are able to have much more targeted conversations, which is better for everyone involved."

Make it visual

Explain planning projects with interactive proposal maps.

Draw on PlaceChangers' industry leading 2D/3D mapping engine to animate and explain planning project in visual terms.

Interactive proposal maps

Enhance communication and stay focused with interactive proposal mapping.

Bring your project to life with captivating guided tours.

Make your consultations immersive with photos, videos, 3D BIM models.


Add street views to your consultations

Easily clarify key views to participants using location and direction of view. Add street views from Google, your own photos or renders.

Open dialogues

Inspire impactful discussions. Build better relationships with residents.

Access diverse perspectives and foster productive discussions at the depth you desire with PlaceChangers.

Response options

Validate priorities by gathering input on user-generated ideas with PlaceChangers.

Easily evaluate proposals or locations with ongoing input from the community.

Gain insights into options, uncover opportunities, and minimize risks

Unlock valuable insights with demographic-based participant polling.

Stay flexible

Easily manage projects of all sizes with powerful landing pages and milestone editing.

Keep stakeholders informed and demonstrate your commitment with effortless project updates on PlaceChanger pages.

Visualise project progress with interactive timelines.

Manage and showcase your team

Easily gather participants and keep them informed with project sign-up forms and progress updates.


Custom styling to match your brand

Set your own colour and font styles to match your project or organisation brand. 

Analyse like a pro

Save time and effort with real-time reporting and visual response analysis

Effortlessly analyze feedback with built-in analytics, identify key themes, and share visual summaries in no time.

Planning consultation reporting

Stay on top of your feedback with a clear, high-level overview in the visual reporting dashboard.

Gain deeper insights with advanced filtering options to analyze feedback by session or proposal.

Easily share insights with customizable PDF reports and flexible response export to CSV.

Quickly identify project trends and hot topics with fast response summaries by area and theme.

Streamline response analysis with the power of keyword categorization.

Gauge stakeholder sentiment with ease using automatic sentiment analysis.


Automatic AI-supported response summaries

Update your client or internal team with automatic summaries. Benefit from instant response summaries in your consultation. Cut your time to insights to a fraction. 


Automatic identification of duplicated ideas

Save time by automatically identifying duplicate ideas by topic and location 

Get the message out

Foster community trust with personalized communication.

Target the right audience and build lasting connections with flexible promotion add-ons and email contact management.

Stay in touch with GDPR-compliant follow-ups and email notifications.

Engage local residents with personalised outreach through direct responses.

Generate broad publicity on social media

Effortlessly stay connected with a project email list for consistent follow-up.

User voices

Experience a user-driven planning consultation tool designed for impact.

At PlaceChangers, we value and prioritise feedback from both clients and the public in shaping our product. 

This is one of the best interfaces I have seen. Very forward thinking and great for usability.

Member of the public

Easy to use

Member of the public

I've really appreciated the time and care taken to provide the level of granular feedback possible. [The client] is to be commended for sourcing this and the developers for the usability.

Member of the public

Nice to see, works really well

Member of the public

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