The PlaceChangers platform

What's new


June 2022


New: Idea moderation inbox 

A single place to moderate any ideas that need moderating. 


May 2022


New: Theme sections in consultations

For complex projects, you can now add theme sections. Locations on proposal maps can be linked with themes, so that participants see only what's relevant to a theme.


April 2022


New: Hold ideas and suggestions for moderation

Idea submissions on the map can now be held for moderation so that you can choose which ones will be presented publicly. This is great for the production of local lists where submissions will require further vetting and review.


March 2022


Tweaks: Participant and admin notifications

As admin, you now receive timely email notifications once consultations are published or due to close. Consultation participants now receive handy reminders 2 days before consultation close dates provided they consented to notifications. This means everybody is kept up to date. 


New: Personal data collection for formal policy consultations

PlaceChangers toolkit now lets you configure personal data items (name, address, telephone) so that projects with certain statutory reporting needs can collate evidence on respondents.


Feb 2022


New team editor: Set up a team and populate a team section on project pages

PlaceChangers lets you easily generate project pages for larger projects which provide a 'wrapper' for multiple consultation stages. You can now also generate a team section to present your project team. 


New: Custom subdomains added to 'Premium' consultations package

If you are on our Premium consultations package, you can now specify a custom subdomain for your project, e.g. ""


Tweaks: Responses to custom questions now export to CSV

Responses to custom questions on locations are now available via the spreadsheet export and on consultation report dashboards. 


Jan 2022


Tweaks: Lots of minor bugs smashed and optimisations applied

Some of the updates include: Tweaks to confirmation emails and tweaks to  menu on consultation pages. We also smashed a bug which meant that the project editor would show an out of date site boundary. 


Dec 2021


New: Data use consent in consultations

You can now set up a data use consent dialogue. If it is set up, respondents to your consultation need to provide consent for the use of their responses before being able to respond.


Tweaks: Share consultation drafts with your team

You can now share consultation drafts with clients for review. 


Nov 2021


New: Use your 3D architectural model in IFC format in 3D consultations

This is a big feature update. Ask your architect to export your building design in the open IFC standard and use those models as part of interactive 3D consultations on PlaceChangers