The PlaceChangers platform

What's new


Feb 2022


New team editor: Set up a team and populate a team section on project pages

PlaceChangers lets you easily generate project pages for larger projects which provide a 'wrapper' for multiple consultation stages. You can now also generate a team section to present your project team. 


New: Custom subdomains added to 'Premium' consultations package

If you are on our Premium consultations package, you can now specify a custom subdomain for your project, e.g. ""


Tweaks: Responses to custom questions now export to CSV

Responses to custom questions on locations are now available via the spreadsheet export and on consultation report dashboards. 


Jan 2022


Tweaks: Lots of minor bugs smashed and optimisations applied

Some of the updates include: Tweaks to confirmation emails and tweaks to  menu on consultation pages. We also smashed a bug which meant that the project editor would show an out of date site boundary. 


Dec 2021


New: Data use consent in consultations

You can now set up a data use consent dialogue. If it is set up, respondents to your consultation need to provide consent for the use of their responses before being able to respond.


Tweaks: Share consultation drafts with your team

You can now share consultation drafts with clients for review. 


Nov 2021


New: Use your 3D architectural model in IFC format in 3D consultations

This is a big feature update. Ask your architect to export your building design in the open IFC standard and use those models as part of interactive 3D consultations on PlaceChangers


New: Set up custom questions in your proposal maps

PlaceChangers Engagement tool now lets you assign custom question sets by proposal or location category. Use it to ask specific questions in relation to a specific area. Equally, you could ask respondents the same set of questions for, say, all green spaces to help appraise site options!


Oct 2021


Tweaks: Site Insights now also provides access analysis for schools, health institutions, and health food grocers

Plug in your site boundary and get detailed access analysis to these key local services.


Tweaks: PlaceChangers now auto-resizes large images to avoid errors 

Uploading large image files is now no longer a problem. Where previously you might have seen an error. The app now auto-reduces file sizes to a suitable size automatically. 


New feature: Leave a reply to responses you receive

Using the consultation dashboard, you can now leave a reply to any responses you receive on your proposals. Add a brief reply to questions or comments that might need clarification. You can reply in private or public (for all other respondents to see).


Sep 2021


New feature: Automatic topic and sentiment analysis

Consultation reporting just got a whole lot more powerful. Tap into automatic suggestions for topics and sentiment for each response you receive. Accept and reject topic suggestions as you please. Add your own topic keywords to speed up analysis and grouping into issues.