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Accelerate your transport strategies with the PlaceChangers planning toolkit

Stop the guesswork - find out what your residents like and why 

With PlaceChangers Engagement’s powerful mapping and prioritisation capabilities, you can gather insights on priorities easily. Simply ask respondents to share ideas along with images and unlock powerful peer review. 

A balanced view from a mass audience ensures you spend money wisely

Transport strategies touch thousands of people over a large area. Provide personalised information based on specific areas. Get a balanced view that represents the constituency and not just a vocal minority.

Get a picture of your constituency and then validate it

Getting a balanced view means knowing what your constituency demographics actually are. Get a high level picture of your population with Site Insights, then get a detailed picture of your population with Engagement.

Come out on top in the competition for national funding

The fight for funding is fierce. You have to prove your money is well spent. Rest easy knowing PlaceChangers gives you the evidence you need.

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PC Engagement - market leading planning engagement

Set up powerful map surveys and polls based on your active travel proposals or ask residents to review specific places or areas. 

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PC Site Insights - Unique location insights tool for health and wellbeing outcomes

Start to make use of location data and enrich your community engagement planning with insights on local people. Add in your own data sources and gather analytics in one place. 

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The PlaceChangers platform has supported a wide range of active travel and transport projects to help set investment priorities with citizen feedback.


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