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benefits at a glance

Accelerate your transport and active travel strategies with interactive consultations on PlaceChangers

Stop the guesswork through precise and easy-to-analyse feedback

Utilise PlaceChangers Engagement’s robust mapping and prioritization features to effortlessly gather insights on priorities. Encourage respondents to share ideas, images, and unlock impactful peer reviews.

A balanced view from a mass audience ensures you spend money wisely

Ensure prudent spending by obtaining a balanced perspective from a diverse audience. Tailor information based on specific areas, ensuring representation beyond vocal minorities.

Draw on powerful AI automation to analyse and summarise large leaves of responses 

Eliminate reporting bottlenecks in real-time during your live consultation, and receive comprehensive high-level summaries promptly upon its conclusion. Experience time savings exceeding one-third compared to traditional manual processes.

Improve your chances to secure infrastructure funding

Secure your position in the competitive race for national funding. Demonstrate the value of your investment confidently with the concrete evidence provided by PlaceChangers engagement tool.

engagement process

Built co-design into your design process 

  • 01 - Idea generation

  • 02 - Options review

  • 03 - Final plans

Response options

Jumpstart your option development with the community. 

Let participants submit ideas for improvements - an open-format engagement campaign avoids closed ended questions and instead draws on PlaceChangers advanced AI summarisation of open feedback. 

Get started with powerful interactive planning consultations. Arrange a free demo to learn more. 


Check what respondents have to say

"The interactive map is absolutely superb, giving people the possibility of raising issues, responding to issues previously raised, and even starting discussions about locations which were not the subject of previous comments. It is certainly one of the best interactive maps I have seen or used!"


Mullingar - active travel consultation

"I enjoyed the interactive part of the survey."


Ennis - active travel consultation

"Best survey app I've ever used. It's great for cross community collaboration"


Ennis - active travel consultation

"The map is really useful for seeing the changes. overall giving feedback has been dead easy."


North Tyneside Council Sustainable Transport Schemes 2021-23

"The interface has been well designed - congratulations to the authors as this is often not the case. The map view worked very well for me. Adding comments seemed logical and easy to complete."


Bunhill, Barbican and Golden Lane Healthy Neighbourhood


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The PlaceChangers platform has supported a wide range of active travel and transport projects to help set investment priorities with citizen feedback.


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