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With PlaceChangers' digital planning toolkit you can tap into everything you need to accelerate your client delivery

Do powerful interactive consultations in house

Stop wasting time coordinating planning consultations across your team. Avoid manual response forms or errors from dealing with lots of plugins. 

Advise your clients on feasibility and brief

Stop the guesswork. Operate on evidence based data to understand how urban design factors affect your projects. 

Generate new business in new regions

With PlaceChangers, you can tap into reliable site insights UK-wide.  Why stick to your patch if you can generate more income elsewhere, too. 

Stop building constraints maps manually - click a button instead

PlaceChangers lets you move faster by tapping into local data and feedback from local stakeholders by avoiding needing to to lots of platforms for your site reports. 

PC Engagement - Your leading planning engagement

Set up powerful map surveys and polls to support pre-application community consultations. 

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PC Site Insights - Your flexible site research tool

Make use of location data and a powerful site mapper to accelerate planning statements. 

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April 18, 2022

Between October and December 2021, according to UK government statistics 13% of planning applications made to local councils in England were either refused or pulled. When planning applications are rejected it is an indication that the project team has failed to delivered a successful outcome. Typically substantial time and money have been wasted. Work will

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April 5, 2022

Measure what matters for successful community consultation is increasingly about an expanded set of community consultation success measures, which you can consistently document with model planning consultation platforms, such as PlaceChangers planning toolkit.Community engagement for planning projects lets local authorities (such as Councils), Housing Associations, and Developers exchange information with residents to evaluate proposed projects.

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The PlaceChangers planning toolkit is particularly specialised to support housing projects. Read a few examples for new built projects.


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