PlaceChangers planning toolkit

For Planning consultants

The PlaceChangers  planning toolkit for planning consultants

Support more clients. Work in new areas. And give your team additional capabilities.

Used and trusted by a wide range of consultancies and architects

Your clients deserve the best digital service

Transform your planning process with PlaceChangers' digital toolkit, harnessing the power of GIS technology for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Run interactive planning consultations in house

Streamline consultation planning and eliminate manual errors with a simplified, yet powerful consultation solution.

Advise your clients on feasibility and brief

Make informed decisions with confidence by relying on data-driven insights into the impact of urban design on your projects.

Generate new business in new regions

Maximize your earnings potential by accessing comprehensive and trustworthy site insights across the UK with PlaceChangers.

Run more projects by automating complex GIS analytics 

Accelerate your workflow and optimize resources by utilizing local data and stakeholder feedback with PlaceChangers, freeing up your GIS experts for more impactful projects.

PC Engagement tool - leading Interactive planning Consultations

Set up powerful map surveys and polls to support pre-application community consultations. 

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PC Site Insights - Your flexible site analytics tool

Make use of location data and a powerful site mapper to accelerate planning statements. 

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Explore case studies

The PlaceChangers planning toolkit is a versatile interactive planning tool. Find out more. Discover examples from regeneration and new built projects.


Secure planning consent for your clients with the PlaceChangers planning toolkit

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