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Apply a socially-engaged approach to urban planning. The PlaceChangers platform simplifies the integration of community insights into your projects, making it easy for everyone to contribute. Start with actionable insights for transformative results.

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Endorsed by forward-thinking municipalities, developers, and service partners, the PlaceChangers platform enables a collaborative approach to urban development. Our platform streamlines preliminary research and fosters dynamic, inclusive consultations, ensuring that every project benefits from the rich, diverse perspectives of its community.


Tailored Solutions for Every Project

With PlaceChangers, adapt your planning strategy to meet the unique demands of your project. Our flexible tools, informed by best practices, cater to a broad spectrum of planning initiatives from urban renewal to transportation strategies, ensuring that your project is not just compliant, but also community-approved.

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Sebastian Weise

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Sebastian Weise

The UK Government is set to launch the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund


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The Rising Need for Cybersecurity in Urban PlanningIn the evolving landscape of


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