About PlaceChangers

Our mission

PlaceChangers stands for award winning town planning software! Our cutting-edge tools help planners replace outdated and time-consuming processes with modular, user-friendly solutions to create better projects and bring the power of digital planning to your fingertips.


Our story


In the tumultuous times of the Covid-19 pandemic, our co-founders were inspired by the critical need for healthier and more resilient communities. They envisioned a world where planners have easy access to all data and insights needed to shape high quality projects.

With a combined wealth of experience in planning and digital technologies, they understood the critical need for simplifying complex processes and making them accessible to a broader audience. 

This is how PlaceChangers was born, a platform for planning professionals centred on interactive proposal mapping and offering intuitive, yet powerful analytics and consultations that are easy to use.

Founder team

The team


Sebastian Weise PhD MRes BBA, Founder & CEO

Sebastian brings over a decade of expertise in the proptech, urban planning and GIS. Sebastian loves all things visualising and mapping. Growing up in Berlin, Sebastian saw the transformation of the city first-hand and knew from a young age that he wanted to be a part of creating livable spaces for communities through innovative technology.


Alex Moon, Co-Founder & CTO

Alex is the mastermind behind the technology of PlaceChangers. With a background of over 10 years in software engineering and a focus on creating user-friendly enterprise products that tackle actual issues, he's dedicated to improving the planning process. As a child, Alex grew up in the beautifully planned city of Canberra, surrounded by vast open spaces. This has inspired his passion for developing a planning system that benefits everyone.


Chenghao Xiao, Innovation lead (ML)

Chenghao develops analytics and automations that support fast generation of consultation reports. Chenghao is with PlaceChangers part-time and otherwise training to become an expert in machine learning. 


Our advisory board


Justin Souter

Justin works with founders and corporate innovators during the early years of the startup journey. Through his involvement in multiple startup accelerator programmes, including the Digital City Accelerator, he has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years. 


Sheryle Moon

Sheryle Moon is a former Australian Businesswoman of the year and brings significant experience to PlaceChangers as a former CEO in multinational organisations and work in five successful start-up operations in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.


  • 2021 Chair Award (RTPI North East)
  • Finalist InnovateUK challenge on “Innovating in urban spaces”
  • Winner in Future Cities Catapult competition "Future of Planning"
  • InnovateUK project on health outcomes in master planning

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