PlaceChangers Site Insights

Tap into powerful site insights for your planning proposal

Shape your proposals layoutsss with health and well-being in mind.


Save time analysing your sites or study area

Tap into a powerful yet simple mapping tool and analyse your site with data from Ordnance Survey and Open Street Maps.

Create an initial base line analysis in seconds simply by inputting your site boundary.

Define your site and key settings, such as the width of the site context to set a scale for your analysis.

Access map data ready for interactive analysis, and enabled for editing.


Generate core neighbourhood insights automatically

Powerful analytics based on data sources from Public Health England and Office for National Statistics give you an all around profile of the local area, with a focus on health and wellbeing outcomes.

Ready access to key insights on your site and site context lets you refine your site layouts easily. 

Tap into indicators relevant to health and wellbeing along a number of themes:

  • Local residents' demographics
  • Prevalences of conditions influence by built environment conditions (obesity, mental wellbeing, etc).  
  • Active modes of travel
  • Home ownership and fuel poverty
  • Access to local green and open spaces
  • Quality of the retail environment
  • Access to health care provision


Design walkable neighbourhoods

See what key assets are available with walking distance based your proposed site layout. Iterative analysis means your teams can quickly produce relevant insights for planning documents. 

See how various parts or zones of your site are within walking distance of key social amenities, such as:

  • Open and green spaces
  • Education
  • Health facilities

Benchmark provision to be well informed at pre-app stage.


Prioritise contributions without the guess work 

Easily visualise areas covered by key local communal assets and identify lack of coverage to target contributions better.

Visualise access to local community assets in an instant. Take out the guess work. 

  • Coverage by open and green spaces
  • Coverage by education provision
  • Coverage by health facilities
  • Coverage by public transport


Tap into benchmarked health and wellbeing insights that you can incorporate into your design

This tool offers you helpful tips and advise on health and wellbeing based on your plan and the local site context.  

Site analysis benchmarks

Get tips based on clear regional and national benchmarks

Evaluate site options and see opportunities for improvement towards health and other outcomes

Understand the health and wellbeing impacts of the proposed site layouts with helpful suggestions. 

User voices

Empowering your design team

This tool has something for everybody - whether you are a busy developer and need quick insights at the start, or whether you are delivering a project for your client. 

"This tool helps me to judge the value of a site quickly." — Developer

"This is a good advocacy tool... If we can think about options that support wellbeing at the start, the less problems you have down stream." — Planning Consultant

"This takes some of the time out of site analysis. With this tool I can consider site issues that I would otherwise not have time to do." — Project architect

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