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Use by developers, councils, and used by high quality service partners 

Planners and architects use PlaceChanger's place insights to support data analysis for briefs and health impact assessments.

James Perry

Director, Harper Perry

Worcester is divided by canals, rivers, and motorways – and so on. In the past, the last planning consultant doing this missed out on those disconnections. The shortfall in the past was measured as a shortfall that was not covered. PlaceChangers enabled a complicated analysis in an easy and web-based interface. It showed us that the new play sites are valuable and would be maintained.

Alex Franklin

Senior Planner, Hedley Planning

The combination of the criteria, place evidence, ability to link locations helped us to prepare a well-evidenced impact statement much faster. We also appreciated that the platform provided a ready made structure to follow. The resulting output filled validation requirements.


Enrich your site analysis with contextual data and analytics

By streamlining your access to place-based context data and spatial analytics, you can efficiently analyse and evaluate existing local assets.

site context features

Enrich planning documents with data on local assets and amenities from Ordnance Survey and Open Street Maps for your study area.

  • Open space provision (Ordnance Survey)
  • Public transport (NAPTAN)
  • Retail
  • Health care
  • Education


Understand constraints of social infrastructure assets

See indicative capacity of social infrastructure, such as GPs and schools.

Anticipate local constraints relevant to your planning project to perform initial capacity reviews.  

  • GP capacity
  • School capacity
  • Dentists
  • Community spaces
  • Open space access


Compare local socio-demographics

Tailor your planning proposals to the needs of the local population.

Generate benchmarked insights on local people, demographics, health issues, and more. Identify local challenges in advance to ensure a smoother development process.

  • Local residents' demographics
  • Health conditions influence by the built environment (obesity, mental wellbeing, etc).  
  • Travel behaviour


Understand local health challenges

Tap into health impact data, place comparisons, and more to understand challenges of local people.

Health impact reviews require detailed views on challenges of residents. PlaceChangers place insights automatically surfaces key characteristics.

  • Health conditions influence by the built environment (obesity, mental wellbeing, etc).
  •  Life expectancy and satisfaction
  • Health impacts hits highlight potential links with built environment decisions
  • Crime and safety issues


Understand current housing provision

Develop an understanding of housing in the region, allowing you to stay connected to local housing requirements.

By visualising existing housing down to property level, you can identify patterns and potential issues, such as overcrowding, underutilization, or lack of diversity, that may have gone unnoticed. This information can help you make better-informed decisions and tailor your proposals to better meet the needs of the community.

  • Building age
  • Built types
  • Built form
  • Number of habitable rooms
  • Tenures
  • Energy efficiency


Create spaces for walkable access

Use advanced spatial analysis to identify gaps in provision using walking-distance pedsheds — no GIS expertise required!

Visualise access to local community assets in an instant by checking for 5-minute; 15-minute; 20-minute walking accessibility. Easily identify areas underserved by local community assets, such as parks, public transportation, and healthcare facilities, so you can plan new developments accordingly. This can lead to increased quality of life for residents, improved health outcomes, and a stronger sense of community. 

  • Coverage by open and green spaces
  • Coverage by education provision 
  • Coverage by health facilities 
  • Coverage by public transport
New: Export coverage to your favourite graphics design programme as vector image

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