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Make regeneration plans come to life with visual and interactive consultations powered by PlaceChangers.

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benefits at a glance

Accelerate your regeneration projects and town centre masterplans

Plan for success with powerful place analytics and productive consultations. 

Automate consultation summaries across multiple engagement stages. 

Let the platform do the heavy lifting for you with automated notifications, response summaries, and a single portal for your project.

Stop wasting time with generic feedback that's not relevant and not useful. 

Get specific feedback by area, proposal, or topic. Interactive consultations on PlaceChangers get you 70% more constructive feedback.

Your residents know where the quick wins are. Peer review ideas quickly. 

Your resources are scarce. Don’t waste time on regeneration projects that nobody wants. PlaceChangers enables you to capture sentiment and priorities easily. 

Come out on top in funding competitions and bring your project alive.

Demonstrate value for money. Rest easy knowing PlaceChangers summaries give you the evidence you need. 


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The PlaceChangers platform has supported a wide range of regeneration projects to set investment priorities with citizen feedback.


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