Facilitating Productive Community Consultation in Renewable Energy Projects



Industria Brand Energy Limited (IBE) designs and operates renewable energy projects across the UK. As a renewable projects developer, IBE  wants to give local communities a valuable and easy opportunity to respond meaningfully to proposals. 

One such project located in North Warwickshire was designed to produce 16.2MW of electricity annually over 40 years, powering 5,225 homes and reducing carbon emissions by 3,078 tonnes yearly. Solar farms like this one play a critical role in enhancing the UK's energy mix with renewable sources, providing reliable, clean energy and supporting the country’s 2050 net-zero targets.

The PlaceChangers Advantage

Leveraging the PlaceChangers platform on behalf of IBE, Wardell Armstrong facilitated an interactive online consultation alongside their in-person consultation event. The team sent invites to nearby households. 

The platform's accessibility and ease of use allowed community members to explore the proposal in detail, engage at their convenience, and provide specific, informed feedback on the project's various ecological and infrastructural elements.

In addition, Wardell Armstrong could quickly demonstrate the location and direction of key views, which is typically confusing if provided as simple static images.

To support feedback, the team was able to respond back to specific comments and suggestions made by residents. 

Consultants at Wardell Armstrong noted, "Adding an interactive element to the website adds to the consultation experience rather than just reading a one-page website. It shows more effort on the developers behalf and is an actual consultation tool, whereas a website is not. It feels like it makes the project stand out.”

Solar farm screenshots


PlaceChangers’ tools ensured that residents in this otherwise very rural location were able to be involved in an easy and transparent manner. 177 residents visited the consultation. The public consultation achieved an excellent response rate of 16.95%, with 30 participants leaving 51 responses across the plans online. Interactive reports were then used to complete Wardell Armstrong's Statement for Community Involvement.


Jonathan Hall (IBE)

Director, IBE

The PlaceChangers platform significantly enhances our consultation process. It allows us to communicate complex information about the solar farm and its benefits, which facilitated detailed and productive feedback from the community. This feedback is crucial in adapting our project to meet the needs of both the community and the environment.

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