Most Innovative New Product of 2023

27 February 2024

PlaceChangers platform wins the Most Innovative Product award at HousingDigital_ 2024


In a solid testament to innovation and collaborative excellence, PlaceChangers has been awarded the prestigious Housing Digital award for Most Innovative New Product of 2023. The accolade was bestowed upon PlaceChangers for their pioneering approach to connecting tenants and housing associations through their groundbreaking product. 

The judges were impressed by the submission's strength, highlighting the product's unique capability to help housing associations and their customers collaboratively shape new homes or update existing estates. “The practicality of the product saves time, cost and administration, and is simply not replicated much across the sector, which shows PlaceChangers are leading the way.” 

The Housing Digital Innovation Awards, held on 8 February at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium, celebrated the vanguard of the housing sector—companies, products, and individuals dedicated to technological advancements and digital transformation. This event, sponsored by TCW, drew guests from across the UK, recognising their commitment to innovation with twenty-three awards across various categories, including new-build innovation, building safety, resident well-being, and the implementation of AI.

This year's ceremony was an occasion to honour achievements and a vibrant gathering of the sector's professionals, showcasing their dedication to social purposes. The evening was marked by a festive atmosphere featuring convivial company, fine dining, and entertainment, culminating in recognising those leading the charge in housing innovation.

Kriss Akabusi MBE, a sports legend, hosted the event, infusing the night with his infectious enthusiasm and sharing his motivational story with the audience. The awards ceremony underscored the sector's advancements and the individuals and companies driving these changes.

One of the highlights of the evening was the charity raffle in support of Action for Children, which successfully raised £2,000. This initiative and celebration of innovation underscored the housing sector's commitment to contributing to broader societal goals.

Sebastian Weise, Founder of PlaceChangers, expressed his gratitude and vision for the future, stating, 

"This is a testament to PlaceChangers' leadership and innovation within the sector. This award recognises our team's hard work and dedication to making a meaningful impact in the housing sector. Our goal has always been to bridge the gap between tenants and housing associations, easily enabling planners to use place data and community input to shape proposals. Receiving this award encourages us to push further in our innovative endeavours.”

Alex Moon, CTO of PlaceChangers, added, 

"At PlaceChangers, we believe in the power of technology to drive change for the better. The need for affordable and well-designed housing is more pressing than ever. British businesses in this sector are doing astounding things, and it is an honour to be recognised among them. This award is a testament to our technical excellence and a validation of our mission to build useful things that have a real, positive impact on people’s lives."

The Housing Digital Innovation Awards night celebrated progress, recognising those at the forefront of change in the housing sector. For PlaceChangers, the Most Innovative New Product award of 2023 marks a significant milestone in their journey, underscoring their role as leaders in fostering collaborative and innovative solutions for the housing industry.

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2024 Housing Digital Innovation Awards are an annual awards arranged by HousingDigital_, the digital news platform for housing professionals in the UK.

Housing Digital is a leading UK platform that showcases the latest in housing innovation, focusing on technology and digital transformation to advance the sector's effectiveness and social impact.