PlaceChangers New Zealand

20 March 2024

PlaceChangers now available in New Zealand via award-winning company Xyst


PlaceChangers, a leading innovator in digital planning and community engagement, has significantly expanded its global footprint by establishing a partnership with Xyst New Zealand. 

This strategic expansion is marked by the use of PlaceChangers' cutting-edge technology to facilitate community consultations and enhance place analytics, thereby fostering more inclusive and informed planning processes. 

In a landmark move to be available in the New Zealand market, PlaceChangers has formed a strategic partnership with Xyst, a New Zealand-based consultancy renowned for its focus on creating sustainable environments and enhancing community assets. This collaboration represents a synergistic alliance that leverages the strengths of both organisations to deliver unparalleled value to New Zealand-based entities.

Through this partnership, any organisation in New Zealand can now access the PlaceChangers platform via Xyst, enjoying the benefits of an integrated suite of tools designed to enhance planning teams' capabilities. These tools are particularly adept at analysing walkable access to open spaces and garnering comprehensive feedback from residents, thereby facilitating better-informed planning decisions.

Sebastian Weise (Founder, PlaceChangers) noted: 

Joining forces with Xyst in New Zealand is a game-changer for PlaceChangers. It's an opportunity to showcase the transformative potential of our platform in enhancing the planning process and community engagement across New Zealand.”

Paul Wilson (Director, Xyst) noted: 

“The introduction of the PlaceChangers platform to the New Zealand market, available through Xyst, will enable planners to access an easy to use and proven spatial planning and public engagement tool to help plan the placement of facilities to enable better utilisation and access for all. It's not just Xyst that stands to benefit; we're making these advanced tools accessible to other consultancies and clients, ensuring a broader impact on creating accessible communities.”

This collaboration positions Xyst as the exclusive provider of the PlaceChangers platform in New Zealand, offering a unique advantage to local consultancies and organisations seeking to enhance their planning processes. In addition to providing the platform, over time, Xyst will be offering comprehensive sales and training support, ensuring that users can maximise the platform's benefits.
This partnership is not just a business arrangement; it is a commitment to enhancing the planning and development landscape in New Zealand by providing tools that foster better engagement, deeper insights, and more sustainable outcomes.

Organisations mentioned

PlaceChangers is a startup focused on digital solutions for collaboration and engagement in development and regeneration projects. The PlaceChangers platform helps architects, urban planners, and developers understand the context of new development proposals through collaboration, public engagement, and intelligent handling of location data. 

Xyst Ltd is a leading New Zealand based firm focused on supporting local government and other agencies with sustainable planning and management of parks, open spaces and public facilities to create better towns and cities for people to live and play.